24 April 2013

Harrowing garlic before spring irrigation

We are harrowing garlic in these days. Once they are about 15cm height and their roots are properly fixed in the soil, we can perform this task without problems. After that, we are going to begin the spring and summer irrigation, which will be done as frequently as the heat will require until a few days before harvesting them (we are going to talk about that in a future post).

Main aims of this task are: firstly, breaking the crust of the soil so we can get water in order to be infiltrated better and the second aim is we want to kill weeds which can be taken off from the soil or buried by it. As you can see in our pictures, there are several small areas where we will have to do a manual weeding... this task will be unimportant.

We used a mini-cultichissel ploug because we didn't need a deep work, but we needed a great accuracy to avoid damaging garlic. Our tool is a simple mini-cultichissel ploug but some farmers, especially in the area of Chinchón, they use more sophisticated mini-cultichissel plougs which have three tools for one row, as you can see in this video.


  1. Anonymous24/4/13 11:50

    This is a fantastic post because of the curious explanation and the photographs, they show that the spring has arrived in "La Mancha".

    It's really interesting.
    We are looking forward to your summer posts, the sun and the colors are impressive, and the photographs are fantastic.

    Este es un post fantastico por dos cosas: la explicación que es realmente instructiva y por las fotografías, ellas muestran qeu la primavera ha llegado a "La Mancha".

    Es realmente interesante.

    Tenemos muchas ganas de ver vuestros posts veraniegos. El sol y los colores son impresionantes y las fotos fantásticas.


    1. Thanks for your comment!!

      We'll try to take a few summer pictures :)

      Best regards.


      ¡Gracias por tu comentario!

      Intentaremos hacer algunas fotos de verano :)


  2. Anonymous12/5/13 20:01


    the Garlic look likes perfect! Good Job!
    May I ask you, how far is rows between?
    I think that ride the tractor between rows with weeding machine is hard.

    1. Hi.

      thanks a lot for your comment!!

      The distance between rows is of 47cm.

      Best regards.

    2. Anonymous16/5/13 23:53

      I can´t believe, that the distance between one row of garlic and second row of garlic is only 47 cm. How wide is your back tyre?

      And the second time, your field is so clean. May I ask you,if you use some herbicide (weedkiller), if yes, please tell me which or only weeding machine?

      I saw the video of sophisticated mini-cultichissel plougs which have three tools for one row and it´s incredible that the last wire can´t demage the garlic, because if I see good, that the wire goes over garlic..it is true or goes closely by the garlic?

      I now, it´s a lot question....

      And at the third, thank you for response, picture, videos and the realy realy perfect job!!!!

    3. Hi.

      Yes, the distance is 47cm. Other farmers can use 45cm or 48 cm.
      We used herbicide after sowing, as you can see in this post: http://www.twins-farm.com/2013/02/fight-john-deere-5720-fitosa-centauro.html

      About mini-cultichissel ploughs, we have to say you we go never over garlic :)

      Our tyres are:
      Rear: 9,5 R 44 (230/95 R 44)
      Front: 8.3 R 32

      Thanks for your comments again!!